Greetings from Three Birds Boutique! Most of you may know us as Three Birds  Two Stones Boutique.
Fashion and clothing have always been a passion of mine. I get so much pleasure in putting outfits together and dressing my daughters everyday – no matter the occasion. I have always LOVED shopping, and I enjoy watching the new fashion trends come and go.
For 3.5 years, I was blessed to be a SAHM with two of my children (Braxton & Lydia). I had those few years to brainstorm about what I would really love to do when the kids started school full time. The thought of going to work for someone again just didn't sound appealing to me. That would mean a set work schedule and set hours, which would result in me missing a lot of our children's activities, sports, and extra curricular activities. 
With Jason's knowledge of business operations and finance and my expertise in keeping up with the latest trends, Three Birds Boutique was born! My goal is to provide eye-catching designs, great customer service, and a lifelong friendship with each and every one of our shoppers. You are MORE than just a number to my team and I!
You all are probably wondering the meaning of the name I chose for my boutique, right? Let me tell you a little about our story. 
Jason and I have 5 wonderful children – 3 girls, (Kaelin, Aubrey, and Lydia) and 2 boys (Aaron and Braxton). The girls are my little "birdies," and that always will stick with them. I wanted to incorporate that into my store name since it has and always will have meaning. In our former name, the two boys were the "Two Stones," which I decided to drop simply because we are an all women's clothing store, not because I don't love the boys ♥ 
So, Three Birds it is! I thought it was PERFECT!
At Three Birds, we are obsessive about finding those perfect boutique outfits that become the defining pieces of your wardrobe. Our goal is to make every woman look and feel beautiful!
If you haven't already, please join us on Facebook, Instagram, and yes...TikTok! as this is where we will post all NEW ARRIVALS first so you can grab them quickly before they are gone. You can find us @threebirdsboutique.
Much Love & Happy Shopping,